Deep Work is All-Consuming

I forget how tired I can become when I give myself totally to something that really touches my core desires. The results may be slow, the output minimal at first, but the activity is so engaging, so all consuming, that I’m fatigued like a heavy workout.

When I mistake this deep work for “items on my to do list” or “working for someone else’s vision”, I think I can just roll into the next item. But they are radically different kinds of activity and when I don’t plan adequate recovery time, I end up falling over mid-sentence. 

One Percent a Day

Only after years of failing to follow through on ideas, projects, and goals do I finally see the power of improving just 1% each day. The change is imperceptible, almost nothing, and yet with consistency produces everything. I’m training myself to see the micro, feel its contours and revel in it. Age helps to cut through my demand for sweeping transformation. In place of the lion’s roar, a quiet determination that fills body and mind, like a clear note sang without pushing from the back of the stage, soaring past the sounds of the orchestra to the crowd.

Attachment to Productivity

All the productivity hacks in the world can’t take the place of discovering your own vision, at best they support it, at worst, they distract you from it. If you’re heading in the wrong (or outdated) direction, efficiency merely pours gas on the fire. Over-attachment to productivity may hide the very tools you need most: boredom, idleness, rest, reflection.