The Normandie Letter: Great Reads, Tasty Drinks

What is it?

A monthly newsletter that recommends books to feed the mind and beverages to quench the thirst.


Nothing like a great book, a cozy chair, perhaps a window looking out onto trees, and the perfect beverage. Peace and engagement can be found for almost no money at all. 

What kinds of books do you recommend?

Broadly speaking, I focus on literature, art, psychology, philosophy, drama, and business. They all look to my interests in beauty, growth, insight, creative expression, and artistic craft. I also have a particular interest in sharing work that inspires our human inclination to create in whatever field we may work in.

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I don’t have time to read. 

Understood. So for each book, I give a short summary and a “take away” to inspire reflection or action in the moment. Just reading one of these little nuggets could change the course of your life. I also link to longer articles that go into more depth about the book. 

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Why your recommendations Mr. Rosania?

I’ve been a serious reader since my teens. My friends often consider me the most well-read person in our group. All that means is that I value reading immensely and give a significant chunk of my time to it. 

I’m also a contributing author to two New York Times Best Selling books, so I often get word of interesting reads by the publisher and people inside the publishing world. 

(I’m currently learning Italian. If anyone knows some good Italian titles, contact me.)

What kind of beverages?

Oh, delicious ones that calm the soul and invigorate the mind. I like to invent ways to add espresso to various drinks and I’m not shy of the simplest beverages (sparkling water with mint and sea salt). Let me give you an example. 

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How do I sign up?

Just add your email address to the signup box below. And while you’re at it, add your birthday month to receive a little something. 

I have a great recommendation for you?

Excellent! Send it here: john [@]