The Ball Arcs Through the 3am Night Sky

Moonlight illuminates the ball as it arcs through the 3am night sky and smashes on to the roof of the moving car. 

“5 points!” you shout.

The car slams on its breaks. A man gets out, sees the ball rolling toward the curb, and peers out at the trees lining the road.

You all remain silent and still. There’s only the sound of crickets and wind and the man’s footsteps as he walks toward you.

If he gets too close, you’ll make the signal and you’ll all burst out of the trees, hollering like crazed animals, running past him as if your lives depended on it, up through the neighborhood streets, and into the safety of your backyard.

Your heart will pound and you’ll all laugh uncontrollably and it will be impossible for you to know that these friends, who helped devise the car-tossing scoring system (5 points for the roof, 3 points if the ball smacks the hood or trunk, 1 point for the doors), who spent hundreds of hours hidden with you by the side of the road in the dark, staring up at the sky, waiting for the next car, imagining what life could become, would, in the very near future, fade back into the dense tree line, nowhere to be seen.